Roasted Coffee

What Is Luwak Coffee?

Known as “kopi Luwak” in the Indonesian language, it is the rarest of gourmet coffees that the world has ever tasted. A by-product of the digestive process of wild Palm Civet cats, this coffee is affectionately also called “Civet Coffee”. As these relatively shy animals feast on the pulp of sweetened and ripened coffee berry beans, their digestive tracts secrete proteolytic enzymes that help percolate the beans into exotic-flavored coffee beans.

In due course the animals expel the beans through their natural bowel movements. These droppings are then skillfully harvested and that’s what Kopi Luwak is made from. The transformation is nothing short of a lump of coal converted into a rare and sought after diamond!


The striking difference between our product and many others available today is that our product is the creation of raw materials produced from free range, wild roaming Civet cats. Most other competitors use produce from captive/caged animals, which is a highly inhumane and unethical practice. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CAGING OR FARMING THESE MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS!

Our product is sourced using raw materials produced by free-roaming wild Civet cats in Gayo region of Aceh Province, where their natural habitats are plentiful. This natural digestive process of their natural, free will food choices culminates in a better tasting end product.

The only way to validate our statement is to taste it and adjudge the above claim yourself.

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