Coffee variety

Coffee lovers love variety in their favorite brew, and coffee beans provide exactly such diversity for different taste buds.  The two major varieties of coffee beans are Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Over 3/4th of the coffee sold globally today is of the Coffee Arabica variety. The vast majority of the remaining coffee sales are for the Coffee Robusta variety.

Coffee Robusta

A much lower grade of bean than the Arabica variety, Coffee Robusta is typically grown and harvested on plantations at much lower elevations than its higher-grade cousin. This higher-yielding variety of beans is a much hardier product and requires less TLC (Tender Love and Care). Easier to cultivate, Robusta contains a higher amount of caffeine and produces a taste of astringency.

Coffee Arabica

The king of gourmet coffee beans, Coffee Arabica is a much higher quality than the Robusta variety. Arabica cultivation requires more care and attention because it is more susceptible to crop diseases. However, it produces a richer, more aromatic and more pleasant tasting brew than its Robusta cousin. Typically grown at much higher altitudes (3,000+ feet above sea level) than Robusta, Arabica delivers less than half the amount of caffeine.

Jade Luwak – Made from the finest beans!

For us, it is quality and not quantity that counts!  That’s why our Jade Luwak is a premier gourmet coffee that’s made from fine Arabica beans. Our coffee comes from well managed and regulated plantations in Indonesia and is subject to the highest standards of quality control.

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