Where is the origin of Jade Luwak coffee beans?

Our product has their origins in the coffee plantations of scenic Gayo, in the Central Aceh province of Indonesia. It is located in the lush jungles, at altitudes of 1,000-1,500 meters above sea level.

Luwak excreted the coffee beans, isn’t it considered a metabolism waste?

Luwak couldn’t actually digest the entire coffee berry. While the soft pulp disintegrated in their digestive systems, the pit of the berry was ejected intact in excrement.

In another word it comes out together with the poop of an animal. Is it safe to drink?

Our coffee is produced under strict hygienic manufacturing conditions, and subject to the highest levels of quality control through every step of the process. The product is lab-tested for chemical and microbiological content, and is manufactured to meet the stringent guidelines from Agro-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

Amongst the various items that our coffee is tested for includes: Total Colony Count, Fecal coliform, E. Coli (including E. Coli O157:H7), Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus , Salmonella, Shigella, pesticide residue and heavy metals.

There are a lot of opinions which describe Luwak Coffee as a product of animal cruelty. How can we sure that your product comes from wild, free-roaming luwak?

It is sad but true, that there are producers who took luwaks from their natural habitat and put them in cages. The luwaks live in an appaling condition and, from day to day, they are force-fed with only coffee beans which definitely are not their own choices. These luwaks does not produce good quality luwak coffee beans since they are deprived of their natural diet variety. To increase the quality, those producers feed the luwak with salted fish and other pungent smelling food. The result is a stronger, unatural taste of luwak coffee blend.

Experts agree that the only way to ascertain the source of luwak coffee, other than to see the proccess itself, is to taste the end product. Wild luwak produces a low acidity, heavy bodied brew that is light and smooth on the palate.

On this matter we do not expect people to believe us straight away, but to taste and adjudge our claim themselves.

If we know the source of the coffee beans, can we tell whether it is the result of caged/farmed or wild luwak?

The natural habitats of Luwak are dense tropical forests. If the coffee beans comes from an area where dense forest are still plentiful, most likely their product is from wild luwak.

What is the best way of brewing Luwak Coffee?

The traditional way of brewing our coffee is the “Tubruk”, where coffee grounds are boiled, or mixed with boiling water in the serving cup. However, no matter how you brew it, you will get a high quality smooth brew of your preferences.

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